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Safari sorbet

Posted on 2007.06.25 at 20:26
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Ok, the theme is ice-cream, but than sorbet is water ice-cream as we would say in Dutch. I never quite understood people's fascination for ice-cream, never ate it as a child. Indeed having a lactose intolerance does not help, but than I never developed a craving for it either, nor for sorbet. The only exception being lemon sorbet, and even that I would eat once or twice a year.

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Until one day, I was living in the US, I discovered Ben & Jerry's. A friend of mine loved their ice-cream. After our bike rides we would go over and she would have an ice-cream. So I looked at all the flavours and couldn't be bothered. One day they had lemon sorbet, so I had that. Wow, delicious.

To my huge sadness they stopped having lemon sorbet. The lady behind the counter couldn't accept that I would not have anything else. So she invited me to taste all the sorbets they had. And right she was. I fell head over heels in love with the Purple passion fruit sorbet.

So for Meeta's Monthly Mingle # 12, and a link to Ben & Jerry's I was thrown back in time, and thought longingly of this passion fruit sorbet, with this tangy taste to it, like lemon sorbet, but than fuller, and more colourfull.

I don't have passion fruit at home, but I have Safari, a liqueur based on passion fruit, papaya, mango and other fruits. So what better idea than to make a sorbet with this liqueur. The advantage also of adding a bit of alcohol to your sorbet is that it will freeze more smoothly.

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I also made raspberry sorbet, with raspberries from our garden. The marriage of the two of them ...... mmmmmmm.

For the syrup (that I divided in two)
1 cup sugar and 1 cup water.
Boil for 5 minutes and let stand for 10 minutes
Divide in two.

Safari sorbet
1.5 cup orange juice, 8 tablespoons safari liquer
Mix with 1/2 of the syrup

Raspberry sorbet
1.5 cup raspberries, 1 lemon juice, 2 tablespoons vodka
Mix with 1/2 of the syrup

Freeze the liquid in a plastic container. When semi solid mash with a fork and freeze again. When solid frozen place in a food processor and process until smooth. Freeze again.
At first I was a bit hesitant about the food processor thing, but I did it anyway. Great idea, the sorbet became real creamy and smooth.

So Meeta, here is my entry, just before heading of to Kazakhstan. Enjoy the ice-creams and sorbets coming in.


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this is so awesome and refreshing! The raspberry sorbet sounds gorgeous as does the fruity boozy one. Brilliant!
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