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Kir Safari

I cannot believe it myself, but I have so completely missed the Montly Mingle Meeta organizes every year. Not missed in the sense that I did not know it was taking place. I missed the deadline, and not by a day or a few hours. But by 6 days, i.e. a week late. So what will I do in order to participate a little bit: I shall add the link in the comment section. Sorry Meeta, your biggest fan from the first day on has failed. But than I am not a magician, although sometimes I wouldn't mind having a magic stick. One of my wishes would be education for everyone.

There are many drinks where you mix a liquor with wine: Kir (white wine with cassis), Kir Royal (sparkling wine or champagne with cassis), Communard (red wine with cassis), and Kir Safari (sparkling wine with Safari). The list is long.

Years ago, when I was a student, a friend and me had signed in to stand behind the bar of our student building. So every thursday evening for some 6 months it was up to us to serve beer and other drinks. As in all student towns Thursday evening is the big evening to go out, so most of the time the bar at our student building was quiet. We decided that we wanted to do things different. So every Thursday evening we had a different theme. One evening was our safari evening. We invented 6 cocktails based on Safari liquor. We organized a slide show with pictures from Africa, and we had full house. What fun we had. I have lost complete contact with Marie Louise, but still have fond memories of the fun we had. The only cocktail I still remember is Kir Safari. Maybe we had given it another name, but it was delicious. We had used sparkling Italian wine (very cheap), and with the Safari the taste was great. I have had it with champagne, at a friends wedding, of course I introduced this drink to all my friends.

This Thursday my sister was visiting me and we had Kir Safari. I used a cremant de bourgogne - brut, with a little bit of Safari. Delicious.

So Meeta, cheers to you. And next time I hope to be in time.

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