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Sambal Goreng Boontjes

Posted on 2006.07.15 at 19:28
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Since I moved to France in 2002 I started growing vegetables again. In Geneva in my small apartment with balcony I did not get into it, some herbs yes, but other than that ... nada. No time and no inspiration.

And every year we add new plants to our repertoire. This year we added chilies, two types. And of course I have no idea anymore what I planted. But there are two different types, one will give very small peppers, very hot ones if I remember well. The second plant will give bigger ones, less burning.

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For The spice is right we were to prepare anything consisting of a lot of chillies, hot hot hot. No problem, I have plenty of recipes as the Indonesian kitchen uses chillies in many recipes.

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So I start with the sambal, or the chili paste in English. It is the basic ingredient of the Indonesian cuisine and exist in many varieties, depending on which chili is used. If the complete "lombok" is used, including the seeds, the sambal will be hotter.

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Sambal oelek consists of lombok (chili) mashed with salt. Clean the chillies, puree them, add salt and keep in a clean jar in the refridgerator.

And than there is sambal terasi (sambal oelek with terassi) and and and and and. the list is long.

Since my little peppers are still too young (flowers mostly) I use sambal from the store. For years I have bought my sambal in the Netherlands from a Toko (an Indonesian grocery), but this winter to my surprise I found sambal oelek in the supermarket right here in the French country side.

Sambal Goreng
Sambal Goreng are dishes that appear on the daily menu. When hosting for a larger group several sambal goreng will be served. The sambal is fried with onions, garlic, laos, and Java sugar (dark) with a variety of vegetables, meat, fish, tahu or tempe. Coconut milk is added and left simmering for a while.

Sambal Goreng boontjes
250 gr haricots verts, 3 table spoons of onion (cut), 1 clove garlic, 1 teaspoon sambal, coconut milk, oil, salt.

fry the onion in the oil, add the sambal and garlic, add the grean beans (haricots verts) with some water, add the coconut and let simmer until the beans are done. (Don't overcook the beans.)

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